Food Service offers diversity of fine ice cream scooping for restaurants with the taste that's varied and satisfying. 


Food Service

Cotton Candy (5.9L)
A delightful treat that delivers fun in pretty pink and blue hues harks back to a time of simple pleasures and tasty treats. Great for concocting tempting and yummy desserts.
Vanilla (5.9L)
The tasty rendition of everyone's favourite flavour!
Chocolate (5.9L)
Another classic favourite that is sure to leave you craving for more.
Chocolate Chip (5.9L)
Delight your palate with velvety vanilla ice cream topped with chocolate bits.
Lemon (5.9L)
In need of a perk-me-up moment? Jolt yourself into happiness with this refreshingly zesty flavour.
Strawberry (5.9L)
Sweet and wholesome, this flavour makes a happy treat for a sunny day.
Green Tea (5.9L)
Our take on Japan's all-time favourite beverage, boasting a delicate balance of sweetness and creaminess in every scoop.
Ruammitr (5.9L)
A complex blend of rich coconut cream with toothsome jack fruit bits - our tribute to Thailand's classic dessert!
Tutti-frutti (5.9L)
An explosion of colours and fruity flavours that is sure to delight both adults and children alike.
Cookie & Cream (5.9L)
Chunks of crunchy cookie buried in luscious vanilla flavoured ice cream. A divine indulgence.
Double Choc Chips (5.9L)
Double the indulgence, double the enjoyment. Savour decadent chocolate ice cream topped with crispy chocolate chip.
Coffee And Choc Chip (5.9L)
We redefine coffee with our version of rich coffee flavoured ice creams, complete with crisp chocolate chips for an added crunch.
Coconut (5.9L)
Savour a luscious rendition of this tropical wonder, perfectly concocted to offer the true coconut thrills.
Taro (5.9L)
Purple is the new black with this hearty-licious blend of yam and cream. Truly delicious!