KING'S From the signature traditional potong ice cream to innovative flavours in sticks, cups and take-away tubs, King’s extensive range of ice creams promises to treat the taste buds with tantalizing flavours. Also available in multipacks and family-sized tubs that are perfect for sharing, King’s continues to offer quality ice cream with great value for everyone in the family.

King's Potong Red Bean (60ml)
There's no denying the nostalgic quality of King's Potong Red Bean. And even if you've never been through the good old days, its uniquely Asian flavour is sure to rekindle your childhood memories.
King's Potong Durian Multipack (60ml x 6's)
For those who can never get enough of the King of fruits, the King's Potong Durian Multipack gives you more of the lusciously creamy fruit, which tastes amazingly light, yet utterly satisfying.
King's Potong Red Bean Multipack (60ml x 6's)
Delight everyone in your family with King's Potong Red Bean Multipack,packed with 6 times the enjoyment. Let its uniquely Asian flavour.
King's Potong Teh Tarik Multipack (60ml x 6's)
Share the authentic goodness of teh tarik on a stick with King's Potong Teh Tarik Multipack. Containing six sticks in a pack, there is always enough to go around.
King's Potong Black Glutinous Rice & Yam Multipack (60ml x 6's)
Enjoy the best of King's Potong Black Glutinous Rice and Yam flavours in one multipack, which packs more heartiness, taste and enjoyment for everyone. A generous offering to send smiles all around.
King's Potong Cempedak & Red Bean Multipack (60ml x 6's)
The King's Cempedak Potong is now paired with the all time favourite King's Red Bean Potong in a Multipack, just to satisfy your cravings for both.