MAGNOLIA ICE CREAM has been for generations, the source of delightful and tasty indulgence. Magnolia single serve ice-cream sticks or cups are always within reach whenever and wherever you crave a reward. Want to share the fun? Magnolia multipacks and family-sized tubs make it as simple as popping the lid. Magnolia is a trusted provider of great value, fun and innovative ice cream products for each and every special moment.

Magnolia Wafer Blueberry Ripple (62ml)
Rich vanilla enhances the tart, delicate sweetness of blueberries in Magnolia Wafer Blueberry Ripple. Deep purple swirls of blueberry syrup encased within lovely vanilla ice cream make the perfect ice cream sandwich treat!
Magnolia Wafer Mango (62ml)
Thick-cut block of creamy mango ice cream pressed between yummy, soft wafers presents a fuss-free way to relish the uniquely sweet and tart nuances of the popular tropical fruit. Savour the exquisite fragrance of mangoes in this delicious concoction.
Magnolia Wafer Chocolate (62ml)
Soft wafers hug a generous bar of velvety chocolate ice cream. Its no wonder that the Magnolia Wafer Chocolate is a popular classic flavour oozing the simple nostalgia of childhood.
Magnolia Wafer Durian (62ml)
A generous-cut block of rich durian ice cream sandwiched between skinny wafers, deliver an intense explosion of the fruit’s unmistakably seductive aroma and bittersweet goodness.
Magnolia Wafer Yam (62ml)
Wafers embracing a luscious slab of delicious ice cream present an easy and convenient way for anyone to enjoy the mild nuttiness and subtle floral notes of yam. It is the flavour which many cannot resist.
Magnolia Wafer Blueberry Ripple Multipack (62ml x 4's)
Blueberry and vanilla are a heavenly match. Magnolia Wafer Blueberry Ripple calls for an ice cream sandwich party for everyone to share in the indulgence of a wonderful duet of flavours cushioned between enjoyable wafer.
Magnolia Wafer Mango Multipack (62ml x 4's)
Fragrant and rich in flavour, mangoes are favourites in many households. The Magnolia Wafer Mango delivers the exotic taste of mangoes in a delectable ice cream sandwich, conveniently packed for all to enjoy!
Magnolia Wafer Chocolate Multipack (62ml x 4's)
An evergreen flavour, this frozen confection is packed with the rich taste of chocolate giving chocoholics the satisfaction they deserve.
Magnolia Wafer Durian Multipack (62ml x 4's)
Durian lovers will be thrilled with the Magnolia Wafer Durian, an ice cream sandwich yielding the King of Fruit’s exquisite flavour and aroma, packed for everybody’s easy enjoyment.
Magnolia Wafer Yam Multipack (62ml x 4's)
Magnolia Wafer Yam captures the sweet creaminess of yam, a favourite creamy tuber that is a staple in many tropical countries, packed for sheer enjoyment.