KING'S From the signature traditional potong ice cream to innovative flavours in sticks, cups and take-away tubs, King’s extensive range of ice creams promises to treat the taste buds with tantalizing flavours. Also available in multipacks and family-sized tubs that are perfect for sharing, King’s continues to offer quality ice cream with great value for everyone in the family.

King's Yam (500ml)
Enjoy King's Yam in a petite 500ml size tub.
King's Mint Choc Chip (500ml)
Enjoy King's Mint Choc Chip in a petite 500ml size tub.
King's Raspberry Ripple (500ml)
Enjoy King's Raspberry Ripple in a petite 500ml size tub.
King's Chocolate (500ml)
Enjoy everything you love about chocolate with the classic concoction of King's Chocolate ice cream.
King's Chocolate Chip (500ml)
The dream ice cream for all chocolate lovers. Pamper the tastebuds with double the chocolate:  crunchy chocolate chips enveloped in sumptuously rich chocolate ice cream.
King's Vanilla (500ml)
A delicate, fragrant all-time favourite flavour, for the ultimate indulgence. 
King's Chocolate (1.2L)
Missing somebody? It's time to call up an old friend to catch up over a King's Chocolate Tub, as you let the delicious chocolate ice cream wash over your taste buds.
King's Choc O' Chip (1.2L)
For those desiring something slightly fancier than good old chocolate, King's Choc O' Chip Tub is the perfect choice that tops off the flavour with yummy chocolate chips. Great for get-togethers!
King's Chocolate Chip (1.2L)
Vanilla doesn't have to be boring. Not when it's all jazzed up in King's Chocolate Chip Tub. Grab a spoon and dig into it with some pals for some lighthearted fun and indulgence.
King's Vanilla (1.2L)
Anything but ordinary, King's Vanilla ice cream surprises everyone with a flavour that's as subtle as it's fragrant. Gather your friends and family around a tub and get the conversations flowing.
King's Mint Choc Chip (1.2L)
Sometimes, you just have to give people what they want. And King's Mint Choc Chip is the most requested after-dinner dessert. Your friends sure wouldn't mind a second helping.
King's Cookies N Cream (1.2L)
A flavour that tops the world's favourite ice cream flavour list, the King's Cookies N Cream Tub is here to tickle the fancy of you and your mates with its rich and creamy taste.
King's Tic-Tac-Toe (1.2L)
Get your game on with King's Tic-Tac-Toe Tub. Pack bigger bites with a medley of chocolate and vanilla flavoured ice cream sprinkled with a dash of chocolate chips for an extra delightful crunch.
King's Raspberry Ripple (1.2L)
One thing better than enjoying ice cream alone, is to enjoy it with a group of friends. Or even better, a King's Raspberry Ripple drizzled in raspberry flavoured sauce to delight everyone.
King's Sweetcorn (1.2L)
King's Sweetcorn is the kind of ice cream that expects company. Perfect for a heart-to-heart conversation as its down to earth flavour sets the mood for a heartwarming get-together.
King's Yam (1.2L)
King's Yam is the perfect pick-me-up that's sure to delight with its subtle yet hearty flavour. Soul food has never tasted this delish.
King's Carnival (1.2L)
What could be more exciting than a carnival? Spread the joy of vanilla, chocolate, and strawberry ice cream with King's, and have fun!